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Gillian Otterson

GILLIAN OTTERSON—NISA Level 4 Performance Coach and BA Degree in Sport

Following a highly successful skating career in which Gillian was British Primary Champion, Scottish Intermediate Champion and runner upper in the British Junior Championships, Gillian has been coaching for over 20 years.  As a skater she also represented Scotland and Great Britain.

Currently, Gillian is a Level 4 Performance Coach, making her the highest qualified coach within the club.  With a B.A. Degree in Sport, Gillian has coached British Champions and currently has a number of skaters on the British squad—skaters she has coached from beginner level. 

“Teaching the team GB skaters from beginner level has helped ensure the girls have good quality basics, a good work ethic and thorough understanding of the scoring system (IJS) thus ensuring the building blocks is there for future success”.

Gillian is a National Ice Skating Association “performance” coach—an accolade achieved through consistently nurturing skaters talents to a high level through committed quality coaching.  “I love skating and love teaching kids at all levels.  I take great pride in my work and take care to give every child I teach the best possible chance of reaching their goals and dreams.  I am continually updating my knowledge through coaching at, and taking part in, skating schools and conferences”.

Gillian works closely with her sister, Suzanne—former Olympic skater.  They are both the driving force behind “Gain the Edge” - elite skating seminars and classes”.  We are both very proud of “Gain the Edge” - it has helped skaters in the area to take things to another level through elite seminars and classes and also ensures that our skaters have a team of highly qualified people behind them to help them achieve their goals”.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and real passion for the sport, Gillian is proud to be part of the Kyle Figure Skating Club and always keen to nurture new skaters at all levels. 

Gillian is First Aid qualified